Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's go fish, Mr. President-Elect

“One way or another, after this presidential process is over, whether–because I lose or because I win–and I’ve got a little vacation time coming, I’m going to learn how to fly fish.”

All I want to know, Mister President-Elect, is...what time are you coming?
It just turns out I have a couple days off and the fishy/moon/sun calendar predicts pretty good chances of catching some trout Monday and Tuesday.
Monday is Mrs. Koontz's birthday too. Your visit would please her.
If we're lucky, we can fish midges and catch lots of big brown trout in the mountain streams of western North Carolina.

If it goes slowly, we can toss streamers and wooly buggers on the Delayed Harvest portion of the French Broad River near Rosman and catch rainbow trout big around as footballs.

Or, for a nice hiking/fishing escape, we can go to one of my favorite brook trout streams and catch leaves, bushes, trees and perhaps a hornets' nest (just kidding). And brookies.
I work nights so I generally sleep in, but if you let me know ahead of time, I'll set the alarm and the border collie will lick my face early.

I got some rods and flies. You bring the beer.

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