Friday, December 5, 2008

Great fly fishing gift for Christmas

This Christmas, give that fly fishing friend a special gift he/she certainly will love.

For $14.95 you will receive a Smoky Mountain Fly Club newsletter and a FREE FLY every other month.

Each fly is unique to the Southern Appalachians and cannot be found in your regular fly shops or catalogs.

These flies were fashioned by mountain fishers using the materials they could find, including some that are today illegal because the feathers belong to a protected species (the Yellowhammer, or locally the Yallerhammer)that used the feathers of the endangered yellow flicker.

Others include the Smoky Mountain Forktail, the Tellico nymph, the Sheepfly, the Rattler, and the Jim Charley.

Send check or money order to SMOKY MOUNTAIN FLY CLUB

Guaranteed to fool trout. Give it a try.

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