Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It was cold out there

Ah, yes, the ole Frustration Pool and ice on the side of the dirt roads. What a Monday for fly fishing!
For the record, I saw plenty of trout in the pool but caught none. Didn't even get a look. Threw everything at them. No hits.
Went upstream to another river and fished the little caddis just under the surface and ... got two hits...firm handshakes, to be sure...but just trout.
I wasn't even supposed to be out there for there were errands to run, phone bills to pay, groceries to pick up...and water to be fished.
I have no idea why it had to chill up on the two days of the week I had off.
Two ice days sandwiched between all these wonderfully warm winter days.
Ice dreams not nice dreams.
It's supposed to warm some for the coming Monday.

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