Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We had some snow; we caught some trout

Like I have been telling folks...we had some snow. And then some more. Over Christmas, it was OK because I got snowed in with the grandsons in Virginia Beach, where they set a new record with 13.5 inches. That was fun. Even built an igloo, or rather Spencer did.
We did have a few nice days. Usually, those were the days I worked. It snowed on my off-days. A couple of times.
If it just gets into the high 40s or low 50s, chances are I will catch trout. Between 30 and 40, not so much. Below 30, I spend more time sipping coffee in the car.
I posted some earlier this year but the entry ended up in the May 2007 folder. You can link back to that one. Sorry.

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Barry said...

Hugh, found your blog and had to add it to my blog list. Spent 1973and 74 in North Carolina serving in the Marine Corps. Wife and baby and of course no money so never got to fish those beautiful waters. Have regretted that for all these years and hope to return to your beautiful state before I get too old.