Monday, May 30, 2011

May flowers and trout

Wild rose and honeysuckle fill the air. Cold water flows around my legs and rainbow trout dance in the current, wiggling and swaying to some unheard music. I caught a few here and there in the afternoon. Hatch was coming off, but I could not get the fly right. Sorta yellow today, while last week it was an almost white fly hatching. Still, I caught a couple, switched to nymphs and got some more. All small, around 10 inches or so.
Sun was achingly bright, so I kept losing the little flies in the glare, only to be roused out of trance by a loud dog-in-the-water splash where a trout just rose.
A kingfisher flew low, putting down a few fish. Old man and his grandson crashed down the bank through the rose bramble. I let em play with those little fish and moved downstream,tossing a wet fly and catching more little guys. Where's that fat trout?
Later, i tried at the bridge with no luck at all. Then at the fire station things picked up when they settled for a no. 16 light cahill. They were all over it.
Just as I was ready to quit, a trout the size of my leg spashed heavily. He was entirely out of the water for a sun-drenched moment, all golden and shiny with an electric glow. I had to at least try for that one.
Well, I tried. And after catching another dozen average trout, I began to reel in, hard with a little anguish added, and just as I lifted the line off the water a trout hit.
Yep, another average rainbow.
My favorite color scheme, red and silver fish to go with red and white wild rose. Not average at all, I'd say.
It's pretty special actually.
What a nice Memorial Day.

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