Monday, November 5, 2007

Wild trout streams come alive with rain

The water was still up and in good fishable condition this past weekend (Nov. 3/4/5) but I did not get out for more than just a few minutes Saturday.
Scared some wild rainbows sipping midges off the surface, then moved downstream on the North Fork of the French Broad and nailed a couple of browns with a No. 16 caddis.
The water was cold and I put on the waders for the first time since March. The sun ripped through the orange/red/yellow trees and felt good on my face.
I heard the North Mills River along the Delayed Harvest section was good during the week, but I had horrible luck trying to fish it on a Saturday a couple weekends ago. It was crowded and the water got hammered.
The East Fork of the FB continues to draw hordes of well-equipped fly fishermen. Too many people on the weekends but still not as crowded as North Mills.
On the plus side, the foliage at North Mills was incredibly beautiful the end of October, but I didn't catch much.

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