Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wild trout and tangy ice cream

It mostly rained on my parade Sunday afternoon. I had planned to do a little exploring in the Pisgah National Forest, seeking new waters to fish for little wild trout. I got to the entrance of the forest at Brevard, took a right and just had to stop for some of Dolly's home-made ice cream. They make up their own flavors, changing them from year to year. I have about four I keep going back for but the best of the best has to be the strawberry, mango combined with just a touch of red pepper that you do not notice until you stop licking the cone. Then, there is this unusual after taste. It's a nice burn on the tip of your tongue.
I then rigged up my rod so the rain could begin. It kept it up, sometimes brutally so, for an hour or so. I didn't even wait for it all to stop but instead danced shirtless in the rain with my head thrown back to catch some raindrops on my tongue. (remember the pepper?)
It had been so hot during the week here in Shelby that by the time Saturday rolled around I was ready for someone to stick a fork into just to see how done I was.
It was so hot, potatoes cooked in the ground and corn popped in the field.
With the rain, the temperatues dipped like they had fallen over a waterfall like a tourist without a brain.
Wooo...it felt wonderful.

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