Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stupid trout ignores wonderful fly

Well, a bug in the hand is worth at least two fish in the water. caught this little stonefly while fishing the Pigeon River last weekend, so I tied on a hopper that had some yellow in it and was about the same size as the real thing.

I spotted a trout finning in the water by a rock, taking bugs off the surface every now and then, so cast upstream and let the fly bounce merrily along and along and along and right over his nose and the stupid trout ignores it.

Stupid fish ignored my ant, my midge, my cahill AND the hopper, all proven and worth flies. What kind of fish is that?

Well, upstream a little I managed to catch one brown trout but you'll notice from the picture that he jumped out of my hand before I could focus the camera for the required "hero" shot of my little wild brown.

I am also shown in one of the photos, but since I have on a camoflage shirt, you might not be able to see me crouched by the water.

It rained tonight. Hope my streams, creeks and rivers got a good drink. In the French Broad River headwaters, even little tiny trout make waves across the surface, like "Jaws" cutting a path through the water toward its unsuspecting prey.

Low water makes for wary trout.

Let it rain.

Perhaps I'll fool that stupid fish this weekend.

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