Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There were plenty of fly fishermen out over the weekend and Monday, especially on the Davidson River. The trout were hitting hoppers, I was told by a fisherman who said he had caught 20 or so fish that morning.

I on the other hand had errands to run and stuff to buy and a wife to please so I waited until nearly dark both days. There were some yellow stoneflies and some giant white drakes dancing in the gentle breeze, and I managed to catch a couple nice browns Sunday night. Monday was frustrating, with just one fish brought in until I hooked the pig. I had let my fly drift lazily ldownstream where I had spotted some rises. It drifted and drifted. I almost forgot it was there.

Then ... WAM ... the line shot through my fingers like a scared snake. The reel sounded like a little motorcycle ripping down the montain. The fish ran this way and that way and then came right at me and ...

... got off.


He was fun while he lasted and I will return.

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