Friday, July 4, 2008

Davidson, S. Holston fishing well

Fishing reports from the South Holston, where the water level is never too low but sometimes too high and rowdy when the dam opens for generation, and from the Davidson River, where all the water in my neighborhood is getting lower and lower.
Rod Champion, shown in the photo watching the water ebb and the fog lift on the S. Holston, says the sulphur hatches are awesome. He and his son, from Kings Mountain, run an fly shop there,
On the Davidson, my fly fishing neighbors at the Davidson River Outfitters shop, the water below the hatcher is OK and cooler than 70 degrees in the mornings. Inchworms are tumbling, yellow sallies are dancing in the evenings with big, bad light cahills and the beetle and ant action in the afternoons are doing well.
I stopped for just a bit last week and watched two fishers release pretty good sized trout.
The photos here are from the S. Holton a couple years back. It remains wide, stuffed with brown trout and full of water to the brim.
Notice the rise rings.
Time to head for the water.

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