Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One good fishing day

I was having a horrible day fly fishing for trout over the weekend. First the weather got me, then there was some thunder and lightning, then I fell asleep by the creek to wake up to rain pelting my face, and finally the trout were not cooperating.

Sunday and Monday I went fishless. Skunked. Zippo. Nada. Bummer.

But I really did not fish that much.

Tuesday, I gave it my all.

And did not catch a thing until 7 p.m. when they started popping the surface gobbling my hopper fly.

I lost count, which is a sign that the long weekend ended on a fine note.

The photo below shows a fisherman at the Davidson releasing a nice rainbow trout below the bridge at the state hatchery. It was crowded there, with fishermen and trout.
Water is still low everywhere. Best times are in the morning and late evenings. Few hatches still going on.
Hoppers and inchworms rock

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