Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Overfishing endangers food supply

The little brown trout appears stunned by the news that the world's seafood supply is rapidly disappearing due to overfishing.
Check out and the article in
Seafood lovers, it does not look good.

From the article by Lee Crockett:
"A 2003 study found that the last 50 years of industrial fishing have reduced worldwide populations of large predatory fish - sharks, swordfish and tuna - by 90 percent."

And, "Since 1972 ... researchers have documented the global extinction of at least 16 known species of marine fish and mullusks, birds and mannals."

Oh, well, the oceans are big, right? And there are plenty of sea critters to harvest for food, right?

Perhaps not.


Raymond said...

Likeing to eat all kinds of fish including seafood so I take this subject seriously but do like your laughing trout. Alway wanted to see the Blue Ridge in bloom but haven't made it there yet at the right time. Also admire the effort you have to put in to even get a shot. I have it easy mostly fishing cow pastures and along bike trails in beautiful Bluff Country (southeaster Minnesota) Thanks for sharing you fishing stories and photos.

Hugh Koontz said...

Raymond, thanks for the kind words. Hope you can make it to the Blue Ridge in July or early August when the rhododendron really shows its stuff.