Friday, September 5, 2008

Fly fishing after the storm

The top photo shows where the fishing probably will be best this weekend, but all I can tell you about its location is that it is near a bridge. For the past two summers there has not been enough water to wet your knees when crossing, but there always seems to be some browns or rainbows lurking in the shadows, especially in the evenings.

The bottom photo shows a typical Sunday afternoon crowd on the Catch and Release section of the Davidson River. Elbow to elbow, and with the right fly you will still catch big. fat trout.
I plan to pass by on the way home this weekend. I may stop. Or not.
The trout generally are larger on the Davidson, especially along the waters known as "The Trough," a section many try to avoid simply because of the crowds of hikers and gawkers and one or two anglers.
Nice to have some water again. Rip some lips.

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