Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You dirty rat....

He told me he didn't do it. He never broke into that house to try and steal dog food.
Strangely, I believed him. After listening to him scream his innocence, I broke down and helped him escape from the prison he was being held in, pending his first appearance in court.
I put the whole jail in the troutmobile and took off up the mountain. Ralph needed a nice place to reside with other furry little critters.
I let the door down and was trying to hold the camera with the other hand but I lost Ralph. I didn't know where he went. I called his name, but of course he wouldn't answer, what with him being a recent jailbreak and all.
I got into the car and began to drive off. Then, I stopped, got out and saw Ralph scurrying from under the car where he had been hanging on to the axle or something in a vain attempt to get back to the dog food down the mountain.
Not this time, you little thief.
And I watched him scamper off.
He never found out who ratted him out.

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