Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mushrooms at the Trout Cave

Well, I never expected to find these guys growing on my favorite front yard maple, but there you go...oyster musrooms. Fry 'em up quick and sprinkle with salt or cocktail sauce (just like with fried mushrooms) and you will be surprised.
They really taste like oysters...a little...without the pesky shell or pearls to break your teeth on...
They are the second safest of all mushrooms because they are easily identified. Get to them as soon as they appear so they are tender. If you wait too long, they will taste like wood.
After two years of severe drought, I had almost forgotten about wild musrooms.
This month, to date, I have harvested two different types already - oyster srooms and puffballs from the yard.
And, yeah, they do go well with fried or broiled trout.
I wonder if I can find some chicken of the woods mushrooms? They look like the tail of a turkey or chicken with the feathers spread all out.
And in the spring we will be again looking for the treasured morelles.


troutbirder said...

Trout and mushrooms an interesting combination in the frying pan. Have had trouble finding either lately though!

Emily Killian said...

You should add some fried daylily buds.