Thursday, September 4, 2008

Puffball magic in the yard

I almost stumbled over one of these humungous puffballs in the lawn the other day. There were two of them, poking up through the overgrown lawn like heads of little bald men from Mars.
I busted one open and found no bug damage or discoloration. These guys were big as grapefruits, and I had never tried cooking any this big.
The other mushroom looked a little funky inside when I busted it, so I tossed it.
Rule No. 1 with mushrooms - don't chance it.
Although 99 percent of the shrooms out there will NOT kill you or make you sick, I always like to be extra positive certain before cooking any and popping them into my mouth.
The little puffballs last week were great in a couple of omelets. They were about the size of marbles.
This big guy was pretty good too this morning.
And I have a ton of the white meat left over.

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