Friday, August 22, 2008

Daddy needs some new shoes

Well, I was all ready to go buy a new pair of wading boots for my fly fishing adventures when I noticed my car tires were showing air. It was a difficult decision: Should I opt for the tires so I do not spin out on a mountain road that has more twists than a plate of spaghetti, or go for a snazzy new pair of Chota felt-soled wading boots. Tires will keep me from running into the creek and kiling myself, but new wading boots will keep me from slipping and falling into the creek and killing myself.
I've caught myself slipping or river rocks and steep banks several times in the last two weeks, so I took a close look at the scruffy boots, only to discover they were as bald as my car tires.
Folks, the No. 1 safety rule in fly fishing for laughing mountain trout is to get there safely without wrecking your troutmobile. Good boots are close behind, but still behind, at No. 2.
I got a deal on the tires.