Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hooray for the rain

Perhaps this weekend there will be a little more water in the creek than last week or the week before or .....

The rain has certainly been appreciated, though there have been some late-night dicey moments on the Interstate driving home from work.

Tropical Storm Fay shook like a wet dog, spraying water up the coast into the mountains of North Carolina where my favorite trout reside. The fishing should improve.

The water levels on the French Broard River headwaters where I live have been a little better than last summer, according to Richared Coadwell of Headwaters Outfitters where they rent canoes and take people tubing and fishing. Closer to Asheville, an article in the newspaper said the water was the lowest since the 1890s.

You can hop across the French Broad River just about anywhere in Asheville and never get your ankles wet.

My little creek up the street was looking pitiful last week, though I know there are still trout there because they splashed at my fly a couple of times. I did not catch anything until I moved downstream to fish under a bridge out of the storm.
Now, we got water.

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