Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This flag still flies

I know this has little if anything to do with fly fishing, but it's worth a notice.
The flag displayed at Flossie's Hot Spot on Riverside Drive in Asheville caught my attention the other day while I waited for the air to cool before hitting the river.
A little old lady, probably in her 80s, sold the flag at a yard sale. She told Debbie that she could not bear to look at it in the drawer anymore. It had been with her for about a half century, and now she was selling it for just a couple of dollars at a yard sale.
You see, men in uniform gave her that United States flag all folded and neat after they buried her husband, who had been killed in battle during World War II. You may think it callous of her to sell such a treasure, the last remembrance she had of her late husband who was cut down in the prime of his youth in a land far, far away so many years ago. But she had to sell it. It just broke her heart to look at it day after day.
It kept reminding her of something terrible.
Now, every time we go into the little tavern by the river, we are reminded of something wonderful and precious.
Our freedom.

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