Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fly fishing off the Parkway

There are some extras this time of year fishing little creeks off the Blue Ridge Parkway, though these waters rarely give up large lunkers. But there are some awesome sights along the way, like Looking Glass Rock (shown here) and awesome delights, like handfuls of wild blueberries ( also shown here).
The blueberries never made it to the car. They were good but not plentiful and I was reminded by Mrs. Koontz that it is the THIRD weekend in August when the berries are ready for cobbler-sized hauls.
I'll be out there this weekend.
The fishing was spotty, with little real action until just at dusk when the bows came to life near the fire station.
I had managed, using a yellow CDC caddis ( also shown here) to catch a nice brookie from a spot across the mountain Sunday and with the same fly (a newer version since the other had been chewed up pretty well) I landed a brown and several rainbows Monday evening.
For the weekend: a 3-trout slam...speck, bow and brownie...and all in all it was a good two days on the water.
I'm ready for more.

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